"The Universal Circle Dance"
by L. McGuire

Around and Around They Go!

     “Circumbulation (circumbulating) is moving around something in a circle. It is a very old magical and religious rite, and circular dances as a part of ritual are known all from all over the world.” (2).

     What I find interesting is that when I talked with Lew White, a Messianic Leader and the Author of the very popular "Fossilized Customs" book about the Circle Dance, He said, "Any form of circumbulating is of a pagan source." Many of us should be asking Mr. White along wtih other Messianic leaders who are aware of the paganism involved in Circle Dancing, why they remain silent. These fakes are not interested in your best interest. They want to itch your ears while you give them your money. They are looking for popularity and gain. Another popular Messianic singer has told me, "You knew you would not be popular when you wrote this book!" Yet He also remains silent about Circle Dancing. I am left to wonder if people circle dance during His performances.


     Sabean worship consists of worshiping the whole celestial body of heaven. As the planets circumbulate the sun, the people mimic this motion as they circumbulate a physical or an imaginary (visualized) object.

     Some childhood games that seem innocent enough are actually full of pagan fertility religious worship rites, as some say in honor of ‘Mother Earth.’ Games like; Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush”, “Looby Lou,Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grows and Ring Around the Rosey. You might remember the ending to that one, ‘we all fall down.

     All these games involve a sacrificial victim and a circular dance of holding hands. Originally, the word carole derives from the Greek word choros meaning, "a circle of dances with everyone holding hands."

     Another famous circle dance is the Maypole. A Phallic worship in honor of the fertility god/dess. The May-pole celebration takes place during the last to first week in May. But at times was even held in the month of June. This dance is done by girls and boys.

     They dance around the pole (which is the symbol of the male generative organ). The dance is done by counter clock-wise and clock-wise movements. The ribbons are twisted, to intertwine around each other. Regardless of the different names it has had through out time, the Maypole is still a pagan fertility celebration.

     You may be thinking right about now, “Oh how awful,” letting out a big sigh of relief, “Uhhh! At least our circle dances are scriptural! We aren’t dancing around some pole!

     Like flood water rising, so has the Circle Dance. This dance is resurfacing at an alarming rate. Many different groups, around the world, have revived, "The Universal Circle Dance." Astonishing, there are special retreats, workshops available, instructional videos and even team competition events, all involving the Circle Dance.

     The Circle Dance goes back to ancient of days. Archeologists found a rock in Luxor Egypt dated 3000 B.C., a drawing of girls holding hands in a circle. They also found in modern day Iran, the same circle dance dated around 2000 B.C. in Elam. (4)

2 Melakim/2 Kings 17:16 "And they left all the commands of YHWH (HWHY) their Elohim, and made for themselves a moulded image, two calves, and made an Ashĕrah and bowed themselves to all the host of the heavens, and served Baʽal,"

*please note, there seems to be the number '6' on the women's left leg, our right.

     Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online tell us the following: “the circle is probably the oldest known dance formation. It is found in the dances of many cultures, including ancient Greek (chorea), African, Eastern European, Irish Celtic, Catalan (sardana), South American and North American Indian. Circle dances mix traditional folk dances, mainly from European or Near-Eastern sources, with recently choreographed ones to a variety of music both ancient and modern.” (6)

     The Circle Dance is folk dancing. History shows us that the popular  Israeli Folk Dance is roughly seventy to one hundred years old. Most of the dances originated around 1905-1950, with modern choreographed steps. For instance, in 1920 Baruch Agadati, thought up the Hora (Circle) Agadati Dance. Please keep these facts in mind, as you read the following pages.

  The ‘Universal Circle Dance’, as it should be called, is known by many names. For instance:

1. Sacred Dance 
2. Circle Dance
3. Sacred Circle Dance
4. Horas circle
5. Kolos circle
6. Choros circle

     The following are just some of the religious groups that use the circle dance to worship their deity/deities:

1. Christian
2. Islam 
3. Judaism
4. Kabbalah
5. Messianic
6. Native Indian
7. New Age
8. Wicca

     Even though these range from all cultures, backgrounds and religious faiths, they All have many silimarities within them. One may believe in polytheism, whereas others may be monotheism.

     Circle dance worships the same deity. The deity(ies) are just called by different names in each culture. For instance, the Roman deity of war was named Mars. The Norse deity was named Tiu. The Greeks gave the same deity the name of Ares. According to the Native American, this deity’s name was Ictinike. The Egyptians worshiped Seth as the deity of war, Whereas, the Babylonians worshiped Resef.


Group of Egyptian gods: Ra, Seth, Sobek,
and Osiris.

     Others praised and worshiped Mother Earth. In the Scriptures, we learn how many would make cakes to the ‘Queen of Heaven’ (Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-19; 44:25). This fertility deity has many names; She was called Astarte by the Phoenician, Asherali to the Canaanites. She was Osiris, Mut and Isis in Egypt. The Greeks called her, Artemis, Aphrodite and Gaia. To the Romans, she was Juno, Maia, and Venus. She also goes by the names of Diana, Ishtar, Freya, Frigg, Eostre, Mylitta, Isis, Eastre and Athena. There was even a dance for the deity of death. The Greeks called this deity Hades. For the Egyptians the deity was Osiris, Pluto for the Romans.

Groups of Egyptian gods; Ptah, Knum,
Hathor, and Neith

     Greeks called the deity of all deities Zeus. Other cultures called this deity Apollo, Jupiter, Thor, Odin, Amon-Ra, Marduk, Mithras, Awonawilona and Amun. The Muslim's deity is Allah. Other cultures danced the circle dance in the highest regard in honour of ‘The Great Spirit.’ Who is the Great Sprit many danced/dance to? The very popular, ‘Sun Dance’ was eventually banned and replaced with the ‘Ghost Dance.’ Many rituals were and still are preformed in the circle dance.

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