"The Universal Circle Dance"
by L. McGuire


     Clearly, the Universal Circle Dance is a mixing bowl full of everything imaginable under the sun. Growing in popularity at an alarming rate.  As we have learned, the Native American, New Ager, Wiccan, Christian, Kabbalist, Messianic and Muslim all preform a type of circumambulation. The Circle Dance happens to be the most popular these groups choose to worship their deity/deities.  

      Whether it be Wovoka and his followers, doing the circle dance (Dance to Christ/Sun Dance) for five days or the Messianic's doing the circle dance (Dance around Ha' Shem) for seven days they believe when they join hands they are uniting in one big circle dance. This goes against scriptures: (emphasis by me)

1 Kepha/1 Peter 1:14-16, As obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts in you ignorance, instead, as the One who called you is set-apart, so you also should become set-apart in all behavior, because it is written, be set-apart for I am set-apart!.  (emphasis added)

When the hands have been joined, the circle closed, the music starts and the dance begins, may I remind you to know who you are becoming one with. Ask yourself, is that person pure? Or are they a wolf in sheep clothing?  Let us remember the following words in:

1 Timothy 5:22, Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other mens sin: keep thyself pure.

      The Universal Circle Dance goes right along with, Prayer Circles, The Sacred Honoring Circle, Sacred Wisdom Circle, Prayer Circles, Global Prayer Circle, Worldwide Prayer Circles, Illumination Circles, Community Prayer Circle, Linking Circles, Mary Prayer Circles, Healing Circles, Gathering Circles, Sufi Healing Circles, Spiritual Healing Circles, Conscious Living Circles, Abrams Circle Dance, Celtic Circle Dance and the list continues to grow!

      Many believe the Jews, Muslims and Christians, all believe in the same deity. They call him, HaShem. It is not a matter of if, but when they unite under the one that will come in place of (anti-messiah) the real Mashiach, Yahushua. They also believe that he is in the midst of the circle.

     Again, Sabean worship consist of worshiping the whole celestial body of heaven. As the planets circumbulate the sun, the people would mimic this motion as they circumbulate a physical or an imaginary (visualized) object. This visualized object to many is the sun deity, moon deity, fertility deity, YHWH and even His Son, the Messiah! Yah does not want us to worship him as the heathen/pagan/gentiles/nations worship their deity(ies). Please remember: (Emphasis added by me)

1 Kepha/1 Peter 5:8, Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.

2 Romans 12:2, And do not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you prove what is that good, and well-pleasing, and perfect desire of Elohim.

2 Corinthians 6:17, therefore, Come out from among them and be separate, says YHWH, and do not touch what is unclean, and I shall receive you." (emphasis added)

     Not only is Satan the Father of lies (Yohannan/John 8:44) but we are told in the great book of Revelation 12:9 that he deceives the whole world. Satan and his messengers appear as messengers of light but it is a delusion. That is why Yahushua Ha Mashiach has told us to "Stay Awake" (Revelation 16:15).

     There are two types of sin. One is to sin unknowingly, that is to sin by mistake. Let's say I partook of the circle dance because many others were doing it; everyone claimed to be believers in Yahushua Ha Mashiach; I wanted to experience  Israeli (Hebrew) roots and thought this would be a fun way to do it; I wanted to be part of a community; was told this is how David Danced (Davidic Dancing, note: David did indeed dance, but he danced filled with the Ruach Ha Qodesh, as the Ruach led him not some pre-planned danced steps); etc. What I did not know is that Sabean worship (circumambulating) is pagan, therefore I did not known I  was worshiping Yah El'Shaddai as the pagans worshiped their deities.

     When we sin unknowingly and learn of this after the fact, just simply repent (turn back around to Yah and turn away from the sin). We need to ask for forgiveness in our High Priest's name, Yahushua Ha Mashiach. Renounce our involvement, then be joyful that the truth has freed us.

     The other type, is to sin knowingly or defiantly. To me, I would be defiantly sinning against Yah Elohim of Yisra'el if I participated in the circle dance. Why? Because I can not worship the Set-Apart Eloah as the rest of the world worships their many deities. What I can do is, dance, sing, and praise him as the Ruach Ha Qodesh leads me to do.


Picture taken from the "The Twelve Tribes Free Paper. Spring,2006. They believe in Yahushua Ha Mashiach and the commune type of living which I think is great, but why are they  Circle Dancing around Mother Earth?  Their website is: www.TwelveTribes.com



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Picture taken from the following web-site:http://www.garydance.com/.
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 Hoshea/Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being priest for Me. Since you have forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I also forget your children. "

The End!


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