"The Universal Circle Dance"
by L. McGuire

The New Age and
The Wiccan
Sacred Circle Dance

“Dictionary.com" defines New Age as: Of or relating to a complex set of spiritual and consciousness-raising movements originating in the 1980s and covering a range of themes from a belief in spiritualism and reincarnation to advocacy of holistic approaches to health and ecology.” (18)


     The New Age (Holistic) Movement, involves Eastern Religions, like Hindu, Buddhist and Yoga. It is a mixture of medicine, religion and science. The main purpose behind this faith is simple... oneself.


     This form of worship, known as self-realization, is when one searches to find their higher self. God is believed to be in all and everything is god. This ideology is nothing new. There are groups within Christianity that believe the same thing. That we all may become little gods or little christs.


     The main goal, for the New Ager is to reach an 'altered state of consciousness.' There are many techniques, the believer can practice. When the believer reaches this state of mind, then they have achieved a higher form of self. They have found god within themselves.


To dance then is to pray, to meditate, to enter into communion with the larger dance, which is the universe.”-Jean Houston.(19)

     May I suggest reading that quote over again? Please do, I'll wait.
Many New Agers do the circle dance. This form of dancing is worship. They are praying, meditating (form of blanking out the mind) and wanting to be one with the Universe.


     Jean Houston is a New Age speaker. Her beliefs are based on New Age and the Occult. One of her many books is called, “Mind Games.” She even taught Hillary Clinton imagery mediation. Another quote of hers is : “I predict that in our lifetime we will see the rise of essentially a New World Religion... I believe a new spiritual system will emerge...


     "www.Dictionary.com" defines Wicca as follows: A polytheistic Neo-Pagan nature religion inspired by various pre-Christian western European beliefs, whose central deity is a mother goddess and which includes the use of herbal magic and benign witchcraft. Old English Wicca, necromancer, See Witch.” (20)

     In these end times, way too many people think that witchcraft is cool. Just harmless fun, they say. The reality is, a staggering number of children fall victims to witchcraft daily. Many are in bondage from this so-called harmless fun.

     If you or anyone you know suffers from these cords of bondage known as witchcraft, hear me, there is a Way Out! There is One that came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18) There is ONE that can Set YOU free...His Name Is Above all Names. Call on HIS Name, Yahushua Ha Mashiach. If you are wanting to come out of this satanic religion and need someone to talk to, please feel free to email us (our e-mail is at  the bottom of this page).

     During the last seven years, witchcraft has grown at an alarming rate. Christian churches from various parts of the world have incorporated it and suffered greatly. Many claim to live by the Set-Apart Scriptures, yet they seem to have overlooked what the final authority on this subject has to say. Let me remind you here how Elohim feels about witchcraft: (emphasis added)

Debarim/Deuteronomy 18:10-12 “Let no one be found among you who makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or one who practices divination, or a user of magic, or one who interprets omens or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.. “For whoever does these are an abomination to YHWH, and because of these abominations YHWH your Elohim drives them out from before you."

     Some of you readers may not have been aware that Wicca is indeed a religion. Something to ponder on next time someone brings up how religion is not to be taught in the public school. Actually Wicca is considered the ‘oldest religion’ by many.

     Elohim, also tells us in 1 Shemu‘el/1 Samuel 15:23,For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”                   


     Witchcraft in any form goes against the multiwarnings that Elohim has given us in his written letters, known as the “The Scriptures.” This religion takes everything that He has said, turns it upside down, and does the total opposite.

     This religion has conveniently over-looked Yah by not acknowledging nor giving thanks and praises to the Creator. Yet the Wicca religion worships everything He made! For instance, earth, animals, nature, even onesself.




Romans 1:25,Who changed the truth of Elohim into falsehood, and worshiped and served what was created rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever Amein.” (emphasis added)

     He has been very patient with mankind. When the cup of the abominations of the earth runs over, His wrath will be poured out! (Has it really tilted off its axis? http://www.divulgence.net/ Look for yourself.) The earth itself will be moved off its axis. Swaying like a drunkard.

     There are many websites on the internet that offer the circle dance for free or for a very small donation. All dances are taught beforehand. These dances are just like the other groups. They all have choreographed folk dancing steps.


     By participating in the circle dance, the dancers believe everyone unites by the joining of hands. They become a community. The main purpose of the circle dance is to reach the high peak of the cone energy/power. The dance steps can start out slow then as the drums/tempo gets faster so does the dancing.

     When the cone reaches its peak, the energy/power is released. The ecstasy (trance) or ecstatic power flows deep within the participants' veins, giving them a feeling of love, joy, warmth, healing and oneness. This is spread out among the circle dancers. Einstein once explained it as being, ‘the ultimate religious feeling state.’ There is no doubt in my mind that the participants are indeed feeling a power.

     We are told the following, "...the magical energy which the magicians will summon up from within themselves in the course of the ceremony. It is this energy which will force the spirit to appear, and if it were not for the circle, the energy would flow off in all directions and be dissipated.”(21)

     The power/energy that is released is demonic activity. We are told the following:

Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


Just like during the Pow-wow, the spirits of the four corners of the earth or the compass (north, south, east and west) are first summon.  After man has managed to stir up these demonic spirits with their little mighty one in a box, they begin to feel the demonic spirit(s). Some may fall to the ground or they all may fall down with blanked out minds. Remember the childhood game called, "Ring Around the Rosie" I mentioned earlier under, "Introduction"? The ending to that is, "We all fall down". Does it make sense now?

     The goal has been achieved! The person knowingly or unknowingly has just united with the forces of the cosmos (universes). In reality, they just communicated with the spirit world. They experienced a demonic infestation and/or a


demonic healing. Sadly, they opened up the door for future demonic activity and a form of bondage. Let us not forget that demons can work miracles:

Mark 13:22-23. “For false messiahs and false prophets shall rise and show signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen ones. And you, Take heed. See, I have forewarned you of it all." 

Revelation 16:14,  "for they are spirits of demons, doing signs, which go out to the sovereigns of the entire world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of YHWH the Almighty."

James 5:14-16 tells us what we should do if there is someone sick among us:

“Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the congregation; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Master: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Master shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

     Our healing should come from the above through prayer to Elohim and faith in His Son’s name, Yahushua. Not through some healing circle(s).


     The blanking out of the mind goes against Scriptures. We aretold that EVERY THOUGHT needs to be brought into the obedience of Messiah. This can be done by placing every thought under the microscope. That is why Yahushua Ha Mashiach told us that one could commit adultery and murder just by the thought!

 (emphasis added) 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not fight according to the flesh. For the weapons we fight with are not fleshly but mighty in Elohim for overthrowing strongholds, overthrowing reasonings and every high matter that exalts itself against the knowledge of Elohim, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to the Messiah,"

     Dancing is a highly effective way of trance inducing! In order for one to have their mind blanked out, the choreographed circle dance steps need to be kept simple for all to learn quickly. For this purpose, during the worship service, newbies are given the opportunity to learn these simple steps.

     Meditation can be done in a number of different ways. One form is often called, self-realization’. The New Ager also uses this form of meditation.

     Self-Realization is when a person can actually control their own spirit. Another form of meditation is one in which many medicine men, wizards, shamans, physics, channelers, spiritual-guides, mediums, etc. call ‘higher consciousness’. This is when the person communes with the spirits (demons).

     Another form of meditation can occur during repetitive rhythm (as in musical drums, clapping the hands), repetitive movements (as in dance steps), and chanting (‘a repetitive song in which as many syllables as necessary are assigned to a single tone’(22)).

     Some will use ‘chant prayers’ to bring about the blanking out of the mind. Yahushua tells us that:

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”(Mattithyahu/Mathew 6:7)

     If you think these chant prayers, repetitious songs are only something that pagans do and this has not infiltrated the little flock... think again!

2 Corinthians 2:11, “lest Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his thoughts."

     I’m totally thunderstruck at how many repetitiuos words are used in Christian and Messianic songs. I got a rude awakening when I witnessed how this demonic infestation works. The words to the song, “Amazing Grace” happened to get erased shortly after the small group began to play it. As the words quickly changed to only two, "Holy Father", the minds of most members, during that Friday Shabbat service, slowly reached a form of meditation.

     The effects of the chanting was obvious as I looked towards the front. One man was slain in the spirit, laying on the hardwood floor, shaking uncontrollably. Ironically, when the music stopped so did his 'slain in the spirit'. Sadly, like that man and countless of others that encounter some form of this ritual ecstasy of demonic infestation, their bodies (which are supposed to be the temple of Elohim) have had an accursed thing into it!

Debarim/Deuteronomy 7:26, “And do not bring an abomination into your house, lest you be accursed like it. Utterly loathe it and utterly hate it, for it is accursed. "

1 Corinthians 3:16-17, "Do you not know that you are a Dwelling Place of Elohim and that the Spirit of Elohim dwells in you? If anyone destroys the Dwelling Place of Elohim, Elohim shall destroy him. For the Dwelling Place of Elohim is set-apart, which you are."

     It is a tradition by many covens (an assembly of 13 witches), that on the witches Sabbath(s) they bring the Sabbath in by performing the circle dance at sunset. Might I add, they are not the only ones that do this. Many Messianic Groups do this as well.

The dances which were in ancient days performed in the worship of demons [pagan deities] are still used today at their nocturnal assembly.” “Guazzo says that they formed "a frenzied ring with hands joined and back to back; and so they dance, throwing their heads like frantic folk, sometimes holding in their hands the candles which they have before used in worshiping the devil.” (23)

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