"The Universal Circle Dance"
by L. McGuire

What is a Mayim Dance Step?

     A 'Mayim' is a very popular dance step, which is included in many Messianic Circle Dances. The free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia tells us that Mayim is Hebrew for water. The Mayim is a traditional Israeli Dance in praise of the water which sustained them physically and spiritually. (35)

Wikipedia gives us the simple repetitive steps in this dance: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayim

Part 1=1-4 Facing center, step R foot across L foot, step on L foot to L, step on R foot behind L foot, Step on L foot to L 5-6 Repeat counts 1-4 three times.

Part 2= 1-4 Run four steps forward, R L R L. During these four steps, raise arms 5 Step back on R foot and clap hands. 6-8 Take three more steps backwards, L R L 9-16 Repeat counts 1-8

Part 3 1-4 Facing left, run four steps forward, R L R L 5-6 Facing center, hop on L foot, touching R toe in front, Hop on L foot, touching R to side 7-10 Repeat counts 5-6 two times 11-12 Hop on L foot, touching R toe in front, Leap onto R foot to right 13-20 Repeat counts 5-12 with opposite footwork and clapping hands on counts 13, 15, 17, 19 of each measure. (Some people also turn while doing counts 13-20).

     This is believed to be choreographed by Elsie Dublin around 1937. Hmm, this Mayim step came to into being in 1937, how could it have been that Mariam and the other women danced this so long ago? Something to ponder on.
     Some have said that when they began doing this dance, they counted these steps over and over again in their mind (a form of repetition which can cause one to blank their mind out). As we take a look at one of the songs that is sung let us remember these simple repetitive steps.


The Universal Circle Dance

A Comparison between the "grape vine" and the "mayim" dance steps.
Dance Flurry - Sacred Circle Dance

Notice their foot steps. That step is called the grape vine. Now watch the next video...

Winter Solstice Dance - Knoxville Tennessee

Notice at 1:31 the woman in white is also doing this "grape vine" step.
Also notice the fire worship 2:37-39, 3:31-4:26.
Aaron's son's were punished for bringing unknown fire to Yahuwah.

Also, notice at the end, the dancers are all dressed in white.
Please Note: As they want you to think, black is not the sacred color for pagan, it is white.

Messianice Dance - YAHWEH

Notice the "mayim" dance step.

Isreali Dance - Mayim

Notice these Isreali's doing the "mayim" dance step.


Under the definition for wicca circle dance we find the following:
The Grape Vine Dance Step: a ceremonial or recreational dance wherein the members of a grove or coven link hands and move deosil within a ceremonial area. The basic grapevine circle step is "right foot cross over, left foot sidestep, right foot cross back, left foot sidestep, etc.

Under the definition for the Messianic Circle Dance we find the following:
MAYIM DANCE STEP: Facing center, step R foot across L foot, step on L foot to L, step on R foot behind L foot, Step on L foot to L 5-6 Repeat counts 1-4 three times.


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